The So-Called Human Condition is Chosen not Innate, (but is it chosen for you?)

The World tells us that in order to survive we have to be competitive, which is exactly what it would say, if it were a social construction (which it is) when actually the reverse is true. Competition actually stands in opposition to life. Life requires co-operation, NOT competition.


Consciousness and the Measurement Problem, part. 1

Meaning is a state of consciousness and consciousness is what gives life and thus matter=energy (the stuff that keeps us alive), meaning. There is no upper limit to how much consciousness a physical system can have, or the number of entangled particles within that system (limited only by the number of particles). Therefore it is conceivable that the entire universe is entangled in a conscious system “only the inanimate universe and living bodies are observers” (Kastrup 109:2019).