Blackfoot indigenous vs Large-scale Modern societies

A Comparison of Meaning and Quality of Life in Indigenous vs Contemporary Western societies There is a lot to say for the convenience and extravagant ways of living that most modern societies offer. Food is accessible and often 'free', meaning that if you really, really need it, you can put on your most slovenly … Continue reading Blackfoot indigenous vs Large-scale Modern societies

Both/ And: Dealing with Duality

Dualities are ubiquitous in nature, but that doesn’t mean that they are what they seem, otherwise physicists wouldn’t be looking for a unified theory. Perhaps the most enduring dualities are the mind/body; particle/ wave; space/ time; materialist/ idealist, but there are many more, for instance; as above, so below; energy and matter; macrocosm and the microcosm; subjectivity and objectivity, but perhaps the most important is position and momentum, otherwise known as the Uncertainty Principle, or the ‘measurement problem’.

Purpose in Place: Belonging where you live and living where you belong

In a time of reduced or curtailed travel, people have started to find renewed interest in the places they live, or that they have previously taken for granted. I have experienced both. My home, Victoria, B.C. Canada, is considered by many to be a paradise, although I have not always shared this view, mainly because … Continue reading Purpose in Place: Belonging where you live and living where you belong

The Phenomenology of Reading Brilliantly

The way culture mimicks nature is against all rules and laws of nature, because it is not nature it is mimicking, but its particular interpretation of nature, which has been Naturalized and emptied of its mystery. Nature can’t break any laws, because it is ruled by them. It is the law. We will not know nature until we begin to live naturally within it, by its rules, not ours, which operate more like dreams than conscious waking life.

To the Moon and Back… 50 years later?

What is our relationship to Place when we leave the security of the stable, solid ground in order to journey to the edge of the Earth's atmosphere (the moon is actually inside Earth's atmosphere to behold it not only from above, but from without. It seems strange to ask this question 50 years after … Continue reading To the Moon and Back… 50 years later?