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  Place is the repository of all things. Setting or Place being as important as character and plot in fiction exemplified by a subgenre of magical realism I have termed ‘Northwestern’ not just a geographical region but a phenomenological, literary style, emphasizing the proximity of many of our urban centers to the mountains and rural areas that surround them.
  These components of Place (NW and WF) are not mutually exclusive, and are in fact interchangeable, the one standing in for the other as long as their primary functions stay the same. The names aren’t important, rather it is their orientation relative to each other; orthogonal. Vertical and horizontal. One is north while the other is west. One must represent time while the other represents space and in doing so they become both. Producing what it feels like to be in a place, or to be that place, but extended, through the conflation of Time and Space to what we have called Place i.e. Being in Place. Not only is the subject taking up space, and thereby occupying a place, they become an object in that place and in some cases part of it—although in the case of (manifest) inanimate objects we might just reduce them to occupying the 3-D material domain of space, because that’s all they seem to be doing, there is nothing it is like to be them, they have no concept of time. Rather, time is what bestows this feeling that we call being (consciousness), even though it is emergent from consciousness.  
“Time is the first language of the mind. Space is the first language of the senses. Remove time and space from experience – that is, remove name and form – and we are left with the Oneness of Consciousness/ Existence. We are left with timeless, spaceless Presence, with Being” (Spira 2008:57)
  The Splitting of consciousness into time and space are what allows us to make distinctions and detach ourselves from the larger consciousness system in order to have subjective experiences, which experiences are then translated back into consciousness as information. Information being the fundamental source or cause, that is then converted into matter=energy i.e. the objects, things of material reality, that we commonly take for what they are, but are actually bits of information.